Euro Global Maldives

About us

We have our Yellow Fin Tuna Processing Factory situated In the Huraa Island in Maldives which is close to Male City. It’s about 20 minutes by Speed Boat from Male Air Port. Our processing plant is called “BLUE LINE” and has been approved by EU, which carries the EU number MDV 007. We are one of the Leading Yellow Fin Tuna Exporters in Maldives. We strictly implement HACCP in this factory and in addition we have the Dolphin Safe Certificate, ISO 22,000 Certification, BRC Grade AA certification, FDA Certificate and compliance Certificate from Maldives Food & Drug Authority. Our Processed Tuna are exported to USA, UK, Canada, EU Countries including France, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Spain and Scandinavian countries.

Our supplies come from traditional HAND LINE and POLE & LINE fishing boats, the fishing method used in the Maldives benefits both the local population and the surrounding environment – the wider industry could learn a lot from this sunny nation.

Importantly, the Maldivians fish tuna in a very special way – they fish by "pole & line and hand line". If you put simply, fishermen catch tuna one by one, using a pole & line and hand Line, meaning that no other marine life is harmed in the process. The target species of pole & line and hand line fisheries are Yellow fin Tuna, Skipjack Tuna, Reef Fish and Marlin.

To be truly sustainable, we need to secure a long-term future existence for both people and planet. Buying our fresh Tuna is a surprisingly simple way to contribute to this in a globalized world.

We are specialized in Sea Food Production and the factory is run by a professional Management Team and fish processing in the factory is handled by an experienced team to achieve the best results for our prestige customers. The factory is equipped to process 15 Tons of Finish Product per Day and equipped with 50 and 10 Ton Ice Plants. We provide ice to the fishing boats to ensure they bring high quality fish to the factory. At present we Process and export following Products;

  • > H & G
  • > G & G from 18 Kg Upwards
  • > G & G from 7kg to 18kg



  • > Skin On
  • > Skinless
  • > Skinless Wrapped In Green Food Touch Paper
  • > Skinless Wrapped In White Food Touch Paper
  • > Skinless Wrapped In Linen
  • > Center Cut / Chunks
  • > Centre cut / Chunks Wrapped In Linen, Green Or White Food Touch Paper


Other Products:

  • > Tuna Steak, Saku, Belly Flaps, Cubes and Cheek meat


We undertake histamine tests on each fish and export products from fish tested under 10ppm only. With the ever changing macro environments in Europe, If You are interested in Quality & Safe Product coming from a sustainable fishing method at an economical price, please contact us.